Hosting Events at the SeaWitch


Host your next event at the SeaWitch! Our dedicated staff is committed to exceeding your expectations. We offer on site catering services for a variety of events, up to 150 people.

View our catering menu for our full food selection!  We offer:

  • Hors D'oeuvres
  • Dips & Displays
  • Traditional Buffets
  • Specialty Buffets

Your menu selection can be as casual or as upscale as you wish, and we can align with both big and small budgets.  Our kitchen is fully capable to accommodate food allergies upon request!  Call us at anytime for customized quotes or questions at 910-707-0533!

** Catering Menu attached is updated regularly to reflect current prices.  Because product prices can drastically fluctuate - item prices can vary from time of booking to reflect changing purchase costs.

About Our Venue

Our casual beach event venue is perfect for a variety of customized events!  We can accommodate Indoor & Outdoor Events.  We host:

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Wedding Rehearsal Dinners
  • Business meetings
  • Family Reunions
  • Private Parties
  • Civic Events
  • Birthday Parties

Venue Pricing

Here at SeaWitch we do not charge hourly rates, but go by a minimum order.  We feel this allows our customers to maximize their spending potential while still satisfying our operational needs. Minimum orders do not include taxes or gratuity.  If food and drink selections for an event meet the minimum order, there is NO venue fee !!  If food and drink selections do not meet the minimum order, the remaining difference is itemized as the venue fee for that evening. Minimum orders vary greatly depending on the following factors:

  1. Season / Time of Year    Our peak season for events is from early April until late October.  Minimum orders will be highest during this date range.  Our off season for events is from early November until late March.  Minimum orders will be lowest during this date range.  May, September and October are our biggest wedding months that fill up the fastest.
  2. Day of the Week    Friday and Saturday events will have higher minimum orders than Sunday through Thursday events.
  3. Time of Day    Daytime events that end before dinner service will have a lower minimum order than evening events that take place during dinner service.
  4.  Number of Guests    Minimum order increases with amount of space needed to host event.
  5.  Duration of Event    Minimum order increases with amount of time allotted for a given event.
  6. Closing to the public    Minimum order will be highest if event requests that our venue is closed to the public.  We do not offer closing to the public on weekend nights (Friday – Sunday) from April to October.  We do offer closing to the public on Friday and Saturday nights from November through February (March has limited availability upon request).  We also offer closing to the public for daytime events (ending at 5:00 pm or earlier) and during weekdays (Monday – Thursday) throughout the year.

Venue Space

We do have a private room that accommodates up to 40 guests with room for food selection, cake, presents, decor, etc.   For events hosting more than 40 guests, we offer additional sections of the restaurant to use as well.  We allow events to utilize our stage area on all days (even weekends!) for first dances, speeches, DJs, etc. as long as it is coordinated around our entertainment for the day/evening.

Per Person Plate Fee

We charge a $4.00 per person plate fee for all of our catering and events.  This fee includes unlimited non-alcoholic beverages (water, tea, sodas, and coffee), linen napkins, napkin holders, silverware, flatware and glassware.

Cleaning Fee

There is a $100.00 cleaning fee for private room only and/or partial facility events and a $200.00 cleaning fee for full facility events.


Alcohol is completely customized to your individual event.  There is no right or wrong way to regulate it and you decide what and how much of it you want to provide to your guests.  Alcohol is not incorporated into your food invoice and is started the day of your event, before your event begins, with a credit card.  Alcohol tab(s) is subjected to our standard 18% gratuity for large parties.  Below are the most popular ways people set up alcohol tabs:

  1.   No alcohol is provided and guests are in charge of purchasing their own alcohol.  If you do not wish to provide alcohol to your guests, then guests wishing to buy alcohol simply do so on their own by starting individual tabs with their own credit card.
  2. Full Open Bar.  This is where you provide an open bar to your guests  that allows them to enjoy any kind of alcohol we offer for the duration of your event.  Guests wear a wristband (that your provide or we provide) to indicate that they are with your event.  Only people with your event wristbands can have their drinks put on your event bar tab.
  3. Open Bar with Drink Limitations.  This is where you provide an open bar to your guests  that allows them to enjoy specific alcohol your decide to offer for the duration of your event.  You can offer just beer and wine, for example, or just beer, wine and house liquor, etc.  Guests wear a wristband (that your provide or we provide) to indicate that they are with your event.  Only people with your event wristbands can have their drinks put on your event bar tab.
  4. Open Bar with Time Limitation.  This is where you provide an open bar to your guests  that allows them to enjoy specific alcohol your decide to offer for a specific time allotment that you designate for your event.  For example, you can offer an open bar to your guests for a two hour time frame only.  You can also have it with or without drink limitations.  Guests wear a wristband (that your provide or we provide) to indicate that they are with your event.  Only people with your event wristbands can have their drinks put on your event bar tab.
  5. Drink Tokens.  You allot a certain amount of drink tokens per guest and specify what the tokens are good for.  Guests have to have a token and order a qualified alcoholic beverage that you designate to be put on your event bar tab.  (Ex.  You allot three drink tokens per guest that are only good for beer and wine.  If any of your guests want to order liquor or shots, they have to start their own tab with their own credit card).
  6. Set tab amount.  This is where you simply set a tab amount and once it reached its limit, the event bar tab is closed.  You can designate if all alcohol or limited selection of alcohol is applied to your event bar tab.  (Ex.  You can set a tab amount to $1000.00 for only beer, wine and house liquor.  Once $1000 is reached, the tab would be closed).  Only people with your event wristbands can have their drinks put on your event bar tab.


We do charge a 20% Gratuity on all Catered Events and ensure you that we will staff properly for the amount of guests attending your Event.


A $200.00 non refundable security deposit is required to secure an event date.  We will not allow anyone else to look at your event time and/or date after the security deposit is paid.  Your deposit can be carried over to a different date if available.

A deposit of 50% of the total catering cost is due after finalizing menu selection.  The initial $200 security deposit is deducted from this payment.  The 50% deposit needs to be paid no later than two weeks before the event date.  This deposit is used to make order Client’s menu items from our vendors.  The 50% deposit is non-refundable if Client cancels within 10 days of event date.

The remaining 50% payment for event is due the day of the event, before the event begins.

Security Deposit, Initial 50% Payment, and Remaining 50% Payment can be paid with cash or credit card in person -OR- a credit card through Square invoicing (where a payment link is sent to your email).

Click the link below to look at a Sample Catering Contract:

SeaWitch Sample Catering Agreement

Bringing in Outside Food and Alcohol

We do not allow outside catering at our venue.  All food must be purchased through SeaWitch, with the exception of desserts.  Desserts can be brought in from an outside licensed vendor.  We have plenty of storage area to hold your desserts until needed for your event.

We do not allow outside beer or liquor at our venue.  All beer or liquor must be purchased through SeaWitch.  You are allowed to bring in outside wine or champagne for your event by paying a $15.00 corkage fee per bottle.  We can special order alcohol preferences for your event that we do not standard offer.


Private Room Amenities:

  • Heat
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fireplace
  • Mantleplace
  • Projector Screen
  • Private Bathrooms
  • Speaker system for Phone/IPod/Etc. hookup
  • Privacy Doors

General Venue Amenities

  • Two full service bars
  • Wristbands and Drink Tokens
  • Tablecloths
  • Option for a private bar
  • Free parking in our private parking lot
  • Stage Area
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free entertainment for regularly scheduled music
  • Rain contingency plan for Beach Weddings
  • Secure and locked location for gifts and decor
  • Storage space to hold refrigerated desserts
  • Glassware for Champagne Toasts
  • Contact information for excellent solo artists, duo artists, full bands, DJs


It’s really nice to host events at SeaWitch and not have to pay for entertainment during our normal operating hours…… because we provide it for you free of charge!  We offer live music seven days a week.  On weekends, we always offer high caliber entertainment from 8:00 pm – midnight.  During weekdays and Sundays, we offer a full range of live music ranging from solos to full bands.

Beach Weddings

Many of our wedding events at SeaWitch follow or precede a beach ceremony.  There are two beach accesses within two blocks of our venue.  Below is the link to the official Town of Carolina Beach document outlying the rules of beach weddings:

Wedding on the Beach

Using a Wedding Coordinator

We will absolutely work with any wedding coordinator if you choose to hire one for your special day.  We highly recommend Incredible Beach Weddings and work with them a lot!  They have great rates and are super knowledgeable and experienced in provided amazing beach weddings on Carolina Beach


You can decorate your event to be as casual or as upscale as you want.  We let our events decorate as little or as much as they desire.

Our catering staff is well seasoned in the set up and breakdown of events.  You can have your own team decorate, or give us a vision and we can take care of all the setup.  All that we ask is that you let a staff member assist with any taping, tacking or hanging that you wish done.  Any decor that is flammable also needs to be supervised in setup by a staff member.


Don’t want to buy decorations or mess with time consuming set up?  We now offer a deluxe decorating package that includes everything needed for a beautiful beach themed wedding!  Our decorating package includes:

  1.  White Banquet Chair Covers for all guest tables
  2.  Tablecloths for all guest tables, cake tables, cocktail tables, and gift tables
  3.  Table Runners and Chair Sashes for all tables and guest seating
    1. burlap, champagne, white/lace, navy blue, royal blue, burgundy all available.
  4. Candles (Floating, Pillar, and Hurricane Lanterns available)
  5. Vases, Faux Flowers included
  6.  Lighted Backdrop with flowers (can be used as backdrop for a sweetheart table or a photo op backdrop)
  7. Rose Petals, Candles, Lights, Shells, Rocks, and Oyster Shells are all available to utilize as well!

Decorating Package for 20-35 Guests:  $250.00

Decorating Package for 36-50 Guests:  $300.00

Decorating Package for 51-65 Guests:  $350.00

Decorating Package for 66-80 Guests:  $400.00

Decorating Package for 81+ Guests:  $450.00+

*** We do not provide fresh flowers, but if you purchase and bring to us, we can arrange them for you!  We do have a large assortment of silk flowers available to use.

  • Table Dimensions (for events doing centerpieces or that need measurements in general)
    • The Banquet room consists of 10 tables:  10 Large Rectangular
    • Outside extended Covered Seating consists of 5 Large Rectangular Tables and 2 Large Circular Tables
    • Large Rectangular Tables:  3′ X 5′
    • Large Circular Tables:  5′ Diameter
    • High Top Circular Table (used for cake and dessert displays:  3 1/2′ Diameter


If you do not want to purchase a decoration package through us, you can still rent tablecloths from us if needed.  White tablecloths for buffet/food selection spread are included in catering pricing.  If you wish to purchase additional tablecloths, we do offer them for you to rent.

Large Tablecloths:  $7.00                      Extra Large Tablecloths:  $12.00

We take care of the delivery and cleaning of all tablecloths.  Some events like to purchase additional tablecloths for cocktail tables, cake tables, gift tables, etc.  You are allowed to bring in outside tablecloths that are your own or rented.  L&L Tent and Party Rentals is a great local business to rent these from!  Below is their direct link:


Wedding Cakes:

Whole Foods Wilmington   910-777-2499
The Sweet Spot by Sharon  203-394-2452
Imaginary Cakes 910-795-0920
One Belle Bakery  910-769-3280
Wedding DJs:
Dale Benson:  910-622-6156
Jason Jackson:  910-471-9509
Daniel Palattella:  910-408-2115
Wedding Flowers:
Beach Blooms Florist:  910-707-0633
100 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC 28428